Tuesday Stamping #161

Hey guys,

Time to get our stamping on!

Basically, this is how I am going to do it.  I am going to be stamping over black and white. White will be the lightest colour you ever wear and black the darkest.  What better way to see how a polish works over dark and light colours.  Now, obviously, not many will actually want to stamp OVER black but it will be a good way to find out if a polish will show up over dark colours.  If it shows up on black you can be pretty certain it will show up over everything.  That does mean that if it is noticeable but not very, it will probably work much better over say a purple or a blue.  I will try to address this with each polish I show you as well.

I will also be using the same plate for all the stamping to make sure there will be continuity.  I chose a stamp that had some images with thin lines, with bigger spaces, with some detail etc.  That way you can see if a polish will stamp crisp lines when they are thin or if it will smudge when the image has bigger spaces.  I decided to go with Pueen11. I will be using the 4 full nail images on this plate.


I will show you 4 of my ordinary polishes with every post.  If you want to see more or less per post please let me know.  I will use 4 random polishes each time until I have worked through all the polishes I have (excluding glitters of course) and I will show you everything, whether it stamped well or not.  I will also be showing you my first attempts at all of them.  Sometimes it happens that you move the stamper a little bit when you stamp onto the nail.  Or you waited just a second too long and the whole image doesn’t transfer.  Or you press too hard and get the shadow stamping.  Usually if this happens I would remove it and stamp again.  It also happens that a polish looks so promising and after you’ve stamped you think, ah this could look better if I tried it once or twice more.  I will not be doing any of that.  What I stamp first try is what you get.  I just feel that you can get a better result if you keep trying but the mark of a good stamping polish is how well it works straight off the bat.

To see all the Tuesday Stamping posts you can use the Tuesday Stamping tag in the tag cloud or you can go to the Swatches tab in the top menu and look under Stamping swatches.  These are sorted by brand, then name alphabetically.


Today I have 4 blue polishes to try out. One of them was standing on my desk so I just grabbed a few more similar polishes and here we are. Let’s get started.

China Glaze – So blue without you

China Glaze - So blue without you

This shows up quite well on the black and the white but I think I like it on the black a bit more as the shimmer really pops. It is more blue on the white though. Not bad.

Color Club – Wicked sweet

Color Club - Wicked sweet

I wasn’t really expecting much from this one as it is a little on the sheerer side but I actually really like it on the black. It is visible on the white but nothing to write home about.

OPI – Do you sea what I sea

OPI - Do you sea what I sea?

This is another one that I actually really like on the black. It does show up on the white as well but the shimmer once again, really pops on the black.

OPI – Music is my muse

OPI - Music is my muse

I really like this shade of blue and it shows up quite well on the white. This one doesn’t really show up on the black. This is my favourite one on white .

What do you think? Do you have a favourite? Do you want to see any of them stamped over a specific colour? Do you have an idea for a stamped design you would like me to do?  Do you have any suggestions for changes or additions you would prefer on these posts?   I would love to hear from you.  Or if you want to choose the next 4 polishes let me know.

Thanks for reading,

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