Spoilt Brat!!!

Wow i have been sooooo spoilt!!!!  I already mentioned that i got the 3 Steve DVD’s.  Then the next day I got a Steam Supreme cooking thing.  Then i got shoes!!!  AND….the new Sims2 Season.  Which is only available on the 23rd…..but I’ve got the ticket to collect that day!!!  And I got the King Kong game!!!  AND….a tablet pen for the pc.  So I can do my poser stuff easier.  Or try to at least!!!  I am one lucky girl!!!

Well last time I spoke about missing my mom.  Now i miss my brother too.  I haven’t seen him since 19 Feb 2006.  His little boy is two now.  I always dreamt of being an aunt and spoiling my niece / nephew.  He is the most gorgeous little boy I have ever seen. This is Liam.

Luckily my brother is coming to DBN for a meeting on the 23rd and will come for a quick visit.  It’s not the whole family but it will do.

My dad is going to JHB tomorrow.  He has to be at DBN international at 5 AM.  Yes, that’s right.  AM!!  So i have decided that I am just not going to sleep tonight otherwise there is no chance that I am going to wake up.  Only problem with that is that I only went to bed after 3 this morning so I am already dead tired.  I am thinking of having a power nap… 😀

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