I got spoilt again this weekend J

Saturday started off quiet. Willie had a meeting and my dad was at work. Some time in the afternoon my brother phoned and said he is down the road so he came to say hello. It was sooo nice to see him again. He couldn’t stay long but we had a nice catch up and he promised to come again soon. Man it was great seeing him again.

My dad phoned to say he is going to stay with friends for the rest of the weekend but was coming back to fetch the A1 grand prix tickets we won. Willie came home early evening and spoiled us with pizza for supper. Yummy!!

Sunday we decided to go to Scottburgh for ‘breakfast’ which turned into lunch. It was a beautiful day but very windy so we didn’t even walk on the beach. We did have a nice view of the main beach though and had fun watching all the people. There was a dog there that seemed to love the water more than anyone else. He would run into the waves and swim a little then run all the way out again. Only to repeat it. He looked to be having a lot of fun

After that we went shopping at the ‘mall’. I got spoilt with the new Sims Life Stories game as well as the Pirates of the Carribean game. And also got the Celtic women CD. Wow…that is one amazing cd. I watched them on Dis hoe dit is and they were stunning. The cd is well worth it.

After that I relaxed, played my games and got to bed late. Normal story. It’s been so hot here lately that I can’t wait for winter anymore. Hopefully it will come soon even though here the winter isn’t even cold enough to wear a jersey or jacket. Ahhh the joys of living near the beach!!

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