It’s been a while…..

We went to the movies on Sunday and watched Music and Lyrics. It was very good. Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore actually work very well together. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I thought it was going to be a chick flick (and it probably is) but I think a lot of guys will enjoy it too. The humour in it is amazing.

Last night we went to watch Last King of Scotland. It is also an African movie. It is gruesome in some places and I had to look away a few times but it was really good. I can see why Forest Whittaker won the Oscar. I think the casting was brilliant as he looks so much like the real Idi Amin. James McAvoy plays the role of Dr Nicholas Garrigan. He’s quite an unusual character and at first gives the impression of being quiet and withdrawn but he really shines. Gillian Anderson is quite unrecognizable though and you don’t see too much of her. The Scottish accent is wonderful. The movie is very funny in some places and quite serious in others which I think is a very good combination. This is also a highly recommended movie. Hopefully the African phenomenon is coming to an end soon.

We went to a SA Developer social meet on Friday and had the opportunity to meet Yvette. We had an awesome chat and visit and hope to do it more often. Yvette, it was nice meeting you and thanx for hanging out.

I am angry and heartbroken about Sheldean. What a beautiful little girl taken too soon. Taken unnecessarily. I pray for her parents and family and loved ones. I cannot begin to imagine the pain they are going through as well as the unanswered questions they have. To the Human family, God bless and I know the pain will never go away but may the memories of Sheldean guide you forever and the sound of her laughter lift your spirits. She will never be forgotten. I hope that something can be done to stop this insanity in our country. To Sheldean, rest well angel and may you look down with a smile on your face and love in your heart and the knowledge that you are loved beyond words.

Things have been crazy in our lives the last while. I sometimes don’t know whether I am coming or going but Willie is strong for both of us. Thank you for everything you do and I love you more than words can say.

Hopefully I won’t wait so long to catch up again. See you on the flipside.


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