Tuesday night movie…..

We went to our semi regular Tuesday night movie last night. We decided to watch Bunny chow. I was quite excited about seeing it as the trailers were good and the cast was pretty good as well. Some of my favourite South African actors are in it. Unfortunately we were very disappointed and ended up walking out half way through. Willie posts about this on his blog. Have a look at it here: www.diago.co.za

There seems to be a lot of new movies coming out that looks good. I actually watched “In Her Shoes” on MM2 the other day and I thought it was a brilliant movie. Chick Flick of note!!! I just thought it was very real and quite unpredictable. I laughed and cried and I could so relate to both the sisters in the movie.

I don’t really want to rate movies here all the time as my tastes are obviously different to other people. I just like to share what I’ve watched and we are trying to watch as many movies as possible lately. Hope you can find some useful info out of my opinions of the movies I’ve seen.

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