How many of your kisses could be enough for me

How many of my wishes could finally set me free

How many tiny grains of sand or stars up in the sky

Could be held in one mortal hand or sparkle in one eye?

How much of me is there in you, how much of you in me

How many promises are true, how many eyes can truly see

How many tears can fill an ocean, how many smiles a heart?

How do you brew love’s bitter potion or seek out Cupid’s dart

How much of heaven’s here on earth and how much far above

How do you weigh a woman’s worth if not in the name of love?

How much of you is there in me, how much of me in you

How much of ‘us’ is there in ‘we’ and how much love is due

Oh please don’t promise me forever; let’s live each day anew

Just say we’ll be together – at least until today is through.


~By Birgit – http://www.birgit.co.za


I asked Birgit if she would write something for me to put here. I think her work is phenomenal. She asked me if I had anything specific in mind and I gave the general ‘girl thinking of her upcoming marriage’ reply. She sent this to me a little while ago and I am now convinced she lives in my head. Thank you so much Birgit. This is beautiful. I wish I had the words but that seems to be your specialty. Thank you for giving me a few.

So to all of you who love/loved/wonder/doubt…..go on. Read it again…..

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