Yesterday was cold and windy. Perfect stay in bed weather. So that is what I did. Well I was lying in bed watching movies pretty much the whole day. We decided to go to the movies last night and we watched Van Wilder. Excellent movie!! I can’t remember if I saw the first one or not but the second one is excellent.

Because it was so chilly yesterday I decided to make a nice hot cooked lunch/supper. It took forever to make it – or so it felt – and we finished eating in about 5 minutes. I think it was delicious though so it was well worth the time it took to cook.

I came across in interesting site yesterday.

You put your blog on a list and when the list reaches 30 000 everyone gets a word and everyone should then post something about this one word. Have a look at it. Quite interesting. It’s only sitting at 157 so I assume it’ll be a while yet. 😀

It seems that winter is finally making an appearance. I say finally cause I’ve been hoping for it for a while now. Summer was just too hot. Means I can finally sleep under the comforter and actually wear shirts with sleeves. Yay!!

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