My handbag

Yvette gave me this idea today. I emptied my handbag tonight and here is what you’ll find inside my handbag right now:


From left to right top to bottom:


1 x Phone account                                    


1 x Rythmic beat membership guide     


5 x Movie ticket stubs                             


3 x Asthma pumps   


1 x Company cheque book


1 x Purse                            


1 x set ID photo's                        


1 x Lip Ice                                          


1 x Lip stick (8 hours all the time every time!!)  


1 x Pen                               


1 x Blood Donation reminder card                    


1 x Rennies


1 x Battery (???)


2 x Hair Bands


2 x Rings         


12 x Sweets (They always end up in my bag)


1 x Wet wipes (dry wipes now but still handy)       


1 x USB drive


1 x Almost finished Halls Coolers


1 x R1-55 in change


1 x Marlboro Lighter


1 x Fudge Factory list (faxed to me so I could send someone to buy)


3 x Notes (????)


Yes, I immediately packed everything right back in again. Wanna show me yours?

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