Bad times are here again……

It seems like March just isn’t a good month for us. Regardless of all the other bad things that has happened this week seems to have hit a low again. Thursday one of our cats, Garfield went missing. She is semi blind so it was quite unusual for her to stay gone so long. We’ve been walking down the road calling her and phoned SPCA and vet’s in the area but nothing. We’re hoping she is going to make an appearance although it seems unlikely.

Someone tried to break into our house last night/this morning. They lifted the gate off its rails to get in. The guys in the granny flat woke us up this morning as there was some of my dad’s stuff lying outside and as there was someone at their window he was concerned. They opened their lounge window, pulled the curtain out and out of the way and looks like they tried to get some stuff out the window. Well as it happens they DID get some stuff through our window. They got my dad’s little cooler box he takes his lunch in (with the lunchbox still inside???). Our one set of house keys (keys and remote for gate) and my dad’s work car keys. We think they were disturbed though because they didn’t come in the house nor did they go into the car. Probably come back for that though! The SAPS took more than 3 hours to get here at which point I phoned them again wanting to find out what is happening. They then told me that as their computer was off line there was nothing they could do. I then asked them what would they have done if they were busy breaking into my house at this very minute. The answer “eish..nothing we can do wif no compuuuuuter” I then asked what time it would be back online and they said maybe 2 or 3 this afternoon. I then told her very nicely that there was no way I could wait as I needed the case number etc for dads work so they can change the locks and I had to arrange for our house locks to be changed. She said to me….”you must just be patient”… which point I simply handed the phone to Willie as I was speechless!! After some nice soft coercion (hehe) Willie finally got them to come out immediately. That was fun. We had SAPS and ADT security here and they are finally sorting out our alarm system. Yay!!

One good thing that did happen was that I was spoilt again. Willie left this morning under the pretence of going to work. He was back not long after holding a box. A noisy box which he then handed to me.


This little critter was inside!!!! Isn’t he just gorgeous!!!! We’ve named him Garfield in the mean time seeing as he is ginger. The name will more than likely stick unless we come up with something that suits him better. Our Jack Russell, Nosh, took an instant liking to him again. In the past she used to steal the kittens from their mothers and feed them but he didn’t seem interested in her teats so we were optimistic. The locksmith arrives, we turn our backs and this is what we find when we look again


Yip that is Garfield suckling on Nosh. Well they’re happy I guess. He is sooo cute. Playful and that face is just soooo cute!!


We’re going to the movies again tonight with Tamsyn. We went to 54 last night. I will tell more……

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