Pursuit of Happyness / 54

Willie, Yvette and I went to 54 on Friday night. It was really nice except I felt so OLD!! I can’t remember doing the things those girls were doing when I was that young. I stood and stared for so long I was so amazed. Needless to say we went home early but it was still fun. It was actually the first time Willie and I went to a club together. Afterwards we stopped at Bimbo’s and had a bite to eat.

We went to the movies with Tamsyn on Sunday night. We watched Pursuit of Happyness. It was excellent!!! Wasn’t sure what to expect but only had good reviews. It was absolutely fantastic. That little boy is the cutest thing and after watching that movie you start to think that maybe life isn’t that bad and it could’ve been a whole lot worse. Haha.

Tamsyn came over early and had some coffee and we could spend some time chatting. Had a really good time catching up. I think I could’ve easy spent the whole night chatting to her but alas. Maybe next time.

We’re going to watch “because I said so” tomorrow night. I’ve had some people say it’s not good at all and some say it’s excellent so I will let you know what I thought of it.

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