Movie: Because I said so……

So we watched it last night.  If someone had to ask me right now if I liked it my first answer would be yes, very much.  Although on discussing it there were a few things about it that could’ve been better.

At one point the mother was driving me insane!!  I am disappointed that the two other sisters (especially the blonde one from Coyote Ugly) didn’t get much screen time. At one point it feels a little stretched.  The ending could’ve been a little better.

In general I liked it.  The story line was really good and here I have to agree with Tamsyn that the acting was just a little off.  A good watch though.  I would recommend you watch it for the laughs and form your own opinion about it but at the very least you will leave there with sore side from laughing too much.

My popcorn was delicious though.  Salt and vinegar mixed with the sour cream and chives (thanx Tamsyn)…..yummy!!!

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