Update on the kids

I’ve already mentioned that we have a new member of the family, Spartan. All the other pets/kids are doing very well.

Zena has grown up so much. It’s unbelievable to think that she was once the small little puppy. She still sleeps on the bed tough, which is a concern considering her size now and where she is possibly going to end up. She is a brilliant guard dog. She “patrols” at night. She will walk into our room and walk around the bed as if to make sure we are there and we are ok and the she walks out presumably to do the same in all the other rooms. She does this on a half hour basis. She is very smart but she is now going through the teething stage which means she chews on everything. hands and feet included. I must admit she hasn’t caused any major damage in the house yet but our little bamboo tree thingy outside has had better times. I’ve bought her a chew toy but she isn’t very interested.

Brat has also grown up so much. He still sometimes thinks he is a little dog and he plays so rough. He is beautiful though and I wouldn’t change him for the world. He is having a ball with Spartan even though you hear Spartan squealing for help ever so often. Brat loves to play and catch stuff so you better be careful what you move when he is around. Although when he wants to sleep he plonks over and sleeps. Then he is at his cutest.

I took all the dogs to park yesterday so they could run and get rid of their energy. They are all doing extremely well. Nosh is getting old though and the cold is getting to her. She is either in front of the heater or under the duvet. Luckily the days aren’t so cold though.

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