Beach festival

I took my cousin to the Durban Beach Festival on Thursday. The wind was terrible but it was hot and sunny. We just strolled around for a little while. We went back on Friday and the wind wasn’t as bad but it was definitely hotter. There were so many people enjoying the sun. I was shocked by how many people were swimming as the water was freezing! On Friday we decided to donate blood as well. It was Jamcj’s first time and even though she was very nervous she did very well. She got a No Chicken certificate and a little goodie bag. She was very excited and now she can donate every time her mom goes.



On Thursday night Willie, my cousin Jamcj and I went to the concert. We arrived as Cassette was finishing off. After that was Wonderboom and I was blown away. It was the first time I had seen them live and it was brilliant. They really got the crowd going.

After Wonderboom it was Watershed. Now I love most of their songs but “Indigo Girl” has a special place in my heart as it was my mom’s favourite song. I was over the moon when they started it. I had such an amazing time. I will make sure not to miss the beach festival next year that is for sure.

You can read more about our evening here

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