I love playing TheSims2! Willie bought me the original game quite a while ago and I fell in love with it instantly. Since then he surprises me every now and then with the latest expansion pack or stuff pack. The latest one I got was “Bon Voyage”.


Well…for the first time ever I went to the forum and read what others had to say about it before installing it. I got a little worried and nervous as so many people seemed to be having problems with it. I thought I would take the risk and load it anyway. I absolutely love it but couldn’t get much play out of it. It seemed to grey out allot of the areas or character and was very jerky. Thankfully it seemed there was a patch coming for it soon. I waited patiently (ok sometimes not so patiently!!) for the new patch to be released thinking it would solve all the problems.

Imagine my joy when I log onto the forum on Wednesday and see that the patch has been released. I immediately download it and very excitedly install it. I load Sims. I wait. It’s still messed up!! I then thought of this brilliant plan to delete my saved games and let Sims reload from scratch. Just in case it was something in my game. So I delete the folder and load Sims again. More messed up. I now don’t even have a neighborhood to choose from. So I “patiently” uninstall everything and reload it all from scratch. That is the original game, 6 expansions packs and 5 stuff packs. I install the patch again. By this time I am getting pretty darn excited. Open Sims and……still messed up. By this point I think Willie just felt really sorry for me or really annoyed with all my whining. He told me to leave it running and he’ll have a look at it.

So, after fiddling with some settings and who knows what else. It’s working!! Willie is my hero. Strange enough the game seems to be running better than it has in a long time. The biggest frustration?? Probably realising that I could’ve been playing sooner if I had whined enough. hehe

Off to build skills, reach the top of my career, make friends while earning talent badges, teaching the pets commands, growing some vegetables and happen to go to the shop now and then. Stock fridge and get enough sleep so as to not pass out at work. And that is before husband/boyfriend/partner and kids come along. Phew….maybe a nap first.

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