The long awaited weekend.

We finally went to JHB. I’ve been looking forward to our weekend away for a while now. We flew out on Friday and our flight was meant to be at 21h15. However we got there very early hoping to change our flights to an earlier one. Only then we realised that all the flights were already delayed by at least an hour. We did change our flights to the 19h30 one which was scheduled to leave at 20h30. Kulula was great in making sure we got on that flight so it was great. Our plan was to get something to eat and then board. Little did we know that with all the flights being delayed there were 3 times more people there than usual. The place was packed. We couldn’t find a place to sit and eat so we had to settle for a sandwich. By this time I was so hungry I could’ve eaten a whole loaf. Anyway we finally board at 20h45 and with long delays in JHB with the luggage it felt like an eternity till we got out of there. Then we had to find food.

The weekend was great though. Willie and I got horribly spoilt by his parents (as usual) and we hardly had a minute to sit down. it was great fun. I also got my new Nokia N95. I love it. I haven’t even been able to play with everything yet but I love it so far. I will have to reserve a post just for that.

Willie left at about 10h30 on Sunday to go to TechEd. We dropped him off at Craig’s on the way to the airport. It was horrible for me cause it’s the first time in over 18 months that he is not home. It was very exciting for him though as he was really looking forward to TechEd. I got home at about 15h30 on Sunday afternoon and it felt very very strange not to have him here. I felt out of sync in a way. He is having a good time though so I am very happy for him. I can’t wait till he gets home on Friday!!

I fell down the stairs last week and hurt my back and it is still sore. Getting better though but it feels like it’s taking forever.

I’ll be putting more photo’s in the gallery soon as my new Nokia N95 has a 5 megapixel camera and I am suddenly snappy happy. Nothing good yet but there will be soon enough.

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