Weekend outing and update

Wow…..we’re well into December and I haven’t posted in forever.
I was boasting in an earlier post about the new photo’s I’ll be adding to the gallery soon. Unfortunately I will have to take them all again. My computer crashed shortly after that statement. I lost all my pictures etc as I was lazy and slack with my backups. I’ll add those as soon as I have taken them again.
Last weekend Willie and I took a drive down the south coast. Our first stop was Croc World near Scottburgh. I haven’t been there in about 15 years. It was so nice. The crocodiles are huge and there are so many of them. We missed the feeding by about 10 minutes but when we got to the big cage all the crocodiles where still by the gate. I must admit though that I was very nervous walking past them. They are so big that I was convinced they could get through the fences. It didn’t help matters when we walked past one crocodile and when I made fun of his eyes (and made some sudden movements he didn’t like) he lurched towards us. I got such a fright. We then walked to far cage. I was reading the map and when I looked up there was this HUGE crocodile and he suddenly moved his tail. I was finished after that. I thought I was going to pee in my pants die.
We also saw beautiful birds. The most beautiful colours I have ever seen. The highlight of course was the Fish Eagle. She is so big and beautiful. I was taking photos of her and she was almost posing. She put her head one way for a photo then she turned the other way. After a few shots she returned to cleaning herself though. What a beauty!
We also saw these cute little monkey thingies. The two younger ones were playing and running around. Trying to push each other off the feeder and the branches. They are so tiny and have the cutest little faces. Going through the snakes was amazing. I love looking at snakes when they’re behind glass and can’t get to me. We saw so many different ones, very small to very big. I will be adding all the photo’s to the gallery later today.
After that we went off to Scottburgh Wimpy for lunch. It was very hot and the beach was rather busy. With the school holidays that just started I am guessing it will get a whole lot busier. So after a yummy lunch we drove down to Shelley Beach. We went through Hibberdene and Port Shepstone. It was quite fun seeing everything again. Things have changed quite a bit since I moved away but it still looks like my old home. I must admit it was quite nice living on the south coast. Much better than the north coast. So we went to Shelley Centre and I was a little disappointed. They’ve added a new section but you can hardly tell. On the way to Shelley Centre we passed a sign indicating a new mall. We then decided to go there. It is called Southway Mall and it is actually very nice. We ended up having supper at RJ’s there. What a nice restaurant. Very nice atmosphere and the staff were helpful, friendly and just all round excellent. Well done guys!!
We then started heading home, tired but happy. It was a really nice day. Thanx babe!

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