Hello, Goodbye

Well, 2008 is well on its way. Good bye 2007, hello 2008. Bring it on!!

First off I want to congratulate Jackie and Russel on the birth of their second son, David, on 3 January. I hope David brings you as much joy and happiness as Josh has and remember, if you ever need a baby sitter……..

We’ve had awesome weather here for the festive season but unfortunately it’s gone back to wet and miserable. Although I must admit I prefer the cooler weather. If only it wouldn’t rain.

So we went to JHB and had quite a good time. We got spoilt again and of course I got spoilt by both Willie and his parents. It was ridiculously hot in JHB too. It felt like Durban weather – hot and humid. We were busy and on the go almost the whole time we were there so by the time we got back we were tired and happy to be around our own stuff again. Even though we slept well it sure was good being back in my own bed.

Willie and I joined the gym as well. We’re really enjoying it. I had to get clearance from the Dr but fortunately that went well and I had no hassles.

So as I mentioned earlier, I got very spoilt. This is my new baby. I got a MacBook. I must admit I was a bit worried in the beginning that I wasn’t going to be able to master it but it is amazingly easy to work on and with. Everything is simple and easy. It is amazingly fast and the screen is crystal clear. I am even able to play Sims on there with no lag or any other hassles that I had on my desktop. I simply loaded everything and it works. Super fast too. I love my MacBook. Simple as that.

We also got two new games for the Xbox. They’re a little hard for me still but very nice. Now if only the silly Xbox will stop complaining about me on its blog.

We went to visit my brother over the weekend. We were finally able to give Liam his present. I am glad he enjoyed it. He has grown so much its unbelievable. He is super cute very smart. He’s got so much of his father in him that it is like looking at a miniature version of my brother. He was rather upset when it was time for us to leave which made leaving even harder but we had a really good time visiting them. I’m sure we’ll see them again soon.

Well the year has started off very well and it feels like there are not enough hours in the day. There is so much I want to do and not enough time to do it all. It’s all really exciting. I’m looking forward to this year. Willie and I spent out third Christmas and new year together and I can’t wait for the next hundred to spend with him.

Roll on 2008…..I’m ready….

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