Holiday Season….

This month has just flown by. Tomorrow is my last day at work, Christmas is less than a week away. We’re flying to JHB in less than a week. I can’t believe it.

The long weekend was a nice break though. We didn’t do much. On Saturday we went and did some shopping – or browsing rather – although we stayed away from the big malls. We got the Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse and a steal so we got us each some of those. We also decided to get new Christmas decorations as we’re not sure where everything is from last year. Last year we were moving over Christmas so it was chaotic. I think I know where it is but if it is there then I am not sure if it is still in good enough condition to use. Our tree was still fine though and I must admit it looks rather nice. We had to put it higher on a table this year as last year the cats climbed into the tree. This year they’re all bigger and heavier so we didn’t think that was such a good idea.

The weather here in Durban has been amazing the last few days. I hope it holds for the weekend too. I’m dying to get some sun on my very pale skin. Even though I’ve still been working this week it really feels like holiday time already. Luckily it’s just one more day to go till I can really be on holiday.

Today is my nephew, Liam’s 3rd birthday. I spoke to him this morning. He is just the cutest thing. When I spoke to him he had just woken up and hadn’t opened his presents yet. When I asked him if he got lots of presents he said “Yes lots” and when I asked him what he got he said “ I dunno, Bye” So when my brother came on the line he said he’s gone to open a present to see what he got. He is so cute right now cause you can have a conversation with him and he is very clever. I can’t wait to see him. So Happy Birthday Liam. Hope you have an amazing day and year ahead.

I also got the new SimCity Society Game. I’ve only been able to play once but it’s quite fun. It’s interesting. I’ll try to get more play time in tonight. Willie also bought me a deep fryer yesterday. I am so excited. Crumbed mushrooms and chips here we come.

The Xbox hasn’t been very kind to me. If you read the blog he’s very angry with me for not playing with him more often. It’s actually quite funny.

I’m hoping to stay a bit more up to date now that it’s a bit more relaxed.

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