Count Down

Well it is now officially less than a month to go. Most of the things have been arranged and sorted out although I am petrified that I have forgotten something.

My diary is like one huge to do list and slowly but surely I am getting through it. Alot has to be left for the last few days (week) so I think that is going to be the most stressful time of all but in a strange way I am looking forward to it.

The animals are doing so well. Cody is getting bigger by the day but he still looks like a teddy bear and all you want to do is cuddle him. He is also quite naughty but when he looks at us with those big eyes you can’t be cross with him. Pinky is extremely active. Since he was sick the last time he seems to be better than before. He walks all over the house and even sleeps with us sometimes. He keeps scratching himself though which means he ends up with this huge sore but it doesn’t seem to get him down. It’s more a scratch than a sore that he keeps scratching.

All the other “kids” are well. Love them all to death.

It’s finally weekend which means we at least have a day of rest around here. With Willie’s busy work schedule and him being completely run down with flu it could only be good. TechEd is coming up soon (3 – 6 Aug) and we’re looking forward to that too. That is going to be super exciting for me.

Till the next update……hold thumbs.

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