Well I did say I like surprises!!

Jackie and I made arrangements to do the seating plan on Saturday 9th. I was going to be there by 3pm and we had lots of plans. I packed the huge cardboard and all the table names and peoples names. My huge box of scrapbooking stuff and off I went.

So I get there and as we walk into her house – me with arms full of stuff – there is a house full of people. I got such a fright I walked straight out. I was shaking. The rascal had arranged a hen’s party for me. Oh my gosh it was so much fun. Friends and family were there and no one had said a thing. There was a whole table full of snacks and the most devine punch. It was so awesome to see everyone again and I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it.

I got such a cute tiara to wear that had white fluff and said “Bride to be” and a silver sash also with “Bride to be”. I also got the most amazing gifts. I felt so spoilt. After stuffing my face Jackie and Taryn had another idea. We were going out. Now needless to say I was feeling a little afraid, specially once I saw the bucket and handcuffs.

We decided that Jackie would follow me home and we could leave the car there and then we will all drive with her. Again I started to get the feeling that they had a few plans for the evening. As soon as I got into her car the bucket was handcuffed to my hand. With 3 helium balloons tied to it as well. I also got a list of things that I had to do throughout the evening.

We arrived at Jack Rabbits and off course the first thing I had to do on the list was “drink 3 shooters in a row”. Now normally I don’t drink. About a year ago Willie and I went out for supper and halfway through my Savanah I was so tipsy I could barely sit up straight. I don’t drink!! I was getting nervous. I also had to beg with my bucket but the people were just giving me the evil eye and politely ignoring me. When we left Jackie’s house I had stuffed my pockets full of sweets so I threw them all in the bucket and decided if no one wanted to give me anything I would give them something. I did my rounds offering sweets and by the time I got back to our table I had alot more than sweets in my bucket. I had money, peanuts and a few more unmentionables. The night took off from there. We did move on to somewhere else where I had to “dance with a bald guy” that was so sweet and pretty disappointed that he was the “Bald guy” but his wife thought it was hilarious. I also “got someone’s boxers”, “got 3 phone numbers” and “gave my Miss World contestant speech” Give me world peace people!!

People were buying me drinks left, right and centre and needless to say the night became pretty hazy from there. Did I mention I don’t drink?? I’ve got quite a few photo’s that I don’t remember being taken and I look terrible. I was pretty happy to get home to Willie. When I woke up the next morning I felt pretty bad but he was so awesome. He told me to sleep a little longer and I finally woke up at 14h30. I felt alot better.

Thank you Jackie and Taryn for a stunning night and for making me feel so special and thanx to everyone that came. It was amazing and I got so spoilt. You guys rock!!!

So now we are down to less than 10 days. Final arrangements have been made and now it is just all the little things to finalise. Also have to reshuffle the whole guest list as someone won’t be able to make it anymore. All in all it seems to be going well. I am still nervous but also pretty excited.

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