Catch Up

Well, again, it’s been forever since I’ve been here to update. It’s been a hectic few weeks.

First of all I would like to say thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes. I had such an awesome birthday. Babe, thanx for making it even more awesome.

After all the fun and happiness of the wedding we’ve had some really bad luck. My dad was held up again at the tollgate. So irritating and scary and inconvenient. Luckily he SAPS was there in a flash to sort things out and help as much as they could (Insert sarcastic look here).

We also got the wedding album. Wow what a awesome surprise. It came out so much better than expected and i just want to show it off to the world.

I have the best husband in the world. I just do. He is awesome.

That is pretty much the summary version. I will follow up with more detailed posts.

Happy birthday to Jackie for Saturday – 20 September – Hope you had a good one and it was so much fun spending the afternoon with you guys.

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