Unfortunate events

Like I mentioned a previous post my dad was held up again. He was at the tollgate waiting behind trucks – seeing as there was just one booth open – when the guys came to the car. One on either side. They took all his money, cellphones, wallet and stuff that was in the car.

It is so annoying and I can’t help but wonder how many more times this is going to happen. Not only is it an inconvenience but it causes me to worry even more about him and he’s been so irritable and angry that it makes it harder. He seems to be getting better now though for crying in a bucket, enough is enough.

I don’t think I can handle any more. Besides all the drama around my dad we’ve decided that we are going to look for another place to stay. We really want to have a bigger place and our own space. We’re hoping to stay in the same area but Willie was in another area the other day and he really liked it. It is a little further from work but I don’t think anymore that that should be the only reason why we choose an area. It would be nice if it was close but we would rather choose an area we like.

Cody has developed a hair problem – No thanx to my failed attempt at bathing him – and now has a bald patch. After taking them to beach his hair was very knotted and he kept pulling at the knots to get them out. Well he successfully pulled out a big patch of hair. Needless to say that is also irritating him but with some lotion it is getting much better and he is well on his way to becoming a hairy chow again. Good news!! The dogs thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the beach. They ran and ran and ran…..and mostly Willie had to run too. They were so excited that they temporarily lost their hearing and we had to scream and shout at them when they started wandering off. They were so exhausted afterwards but they enjoyed it so much. Our dogs – mostly – love water ad swimming so it was such a treat for them as we were right at the river mouth so it was nice to swim but still had loads of sea sand. All in all a good trip for them. Not so much for us…….

Like I said……it’s been a crazy couple of weeks……

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