1. acidicice

    You know I am climbing the same hill here. I think you are on the right track though. Going on a diet isn’t sustainable. You need to change your lifestyle and that is exactly what you are doing.

    I suck at this. I’m busy eating a burger and chips right now. FML.

  2. Michelle Roberts

    Yes but you are doing so well!!! Seems you have the exercise under control and I am working on the food part. I agree, it has to be something you can live with forever.
    Like I said I do ‘cheat’ now and again (mostly when we are out somewhere) but if I can stick to healthier lifestyle at least most of the time it is a heck of a lot better than none of the time.
    Must admit the air fryer is amazing. Has really helped with the healthier food choices.

    Bleh!! Enjoy your burger and chips!! I am jealous!!!

  3. My wife’s health went downhill about a month’s back. A deadly bout of bad hypertension, that led to a complete change in lifestyle with Yoga, regular walks and healthy eating. A healthy lifestyle is a must.

  4. Fitness is mostly about diet and nutrition. I remember as a youngster when I joined a gym for the first time. There was this quotation pasted on the wall that said “Good health is achieved in the kitchen not the gym”. It turned out to be so true. So you are on a right path, good luck to you.

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