1. Thea

    And now I have to add at least 3 more nail must gets to my list this month! Lol I am a huge L.A.Girl fan so going hunting for an Ombre set month end! Damn you pretty colours, DAMN YOU!

    • LOL!! I say the exact same thing every time I see something gorgeous! Those ombre sets are gorgeous. I need one myself but can’t decide which colour. Possibly all of them? 🙂

  2. Thea

    BUY ALL THE POLISH! I’m a sucker for anything blue or green so I’ll probably be hunting that down! Oh my purse is already groaning!

  3. I don’t know if I like the blue ombre set more or the sunset one!
    I also don’t know if I like the neon green or the yellow more!!!!!
    I like that they have these little sets! It’s like OPI that always brings out mini collection sets!
    If you were just getting into nailart, I’d say the dotting tool pack would be great for a giveaway. Also you can do A LOT with that pack!!

    • I agree. Everything is so gorgeous! I will have to get one of each and have multiple winners 😛
      I also think that dotting tool pack is awesome for beginners. It might be mini bottles of polish but it will go a long way. So pretty!

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