1. I read your blog on my phone, no issues with the photos.

    Firstly, ah that bird stamp design, love love love will always love!

    Secondly, I love the pink with the bows, that for me just looks perfect!
    Also the dark with the marshmallow is damn interesting and different. Like that too!!

    Thirdly, you are z stamp guru!

    • hehehe you are too kind. You are rocking the stamping lady jane!!

      Out of interest. Have you noticed a difference in the photo’s on your phone or are they still coming through the same? I changed the size about a week ago.

  2. Oh ja, M, what would be kwaai is if you had an fb share button, every time I click the fb button it just likes the post, doesn’t push me to share it to my profile.

  3. Lesley

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the birds stamp! I also like the kids with the balloons and the little kitty cat. The pink bow nails look great!

    • Thank you so much Lesley!! I also love the the kids and the balloon! Thank you so much. I really loved those pink bow nails. Can you believe it stayed for a week? Even the rhinestones!

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