1. Kerry

    They all look so beautiful! The ones you tested look amazing, can’t wait to see some more. Yesterday I also got my first set of stamping plates… mine are from bundle monster 🙂 I just need some practice getting the stamp to reach the edges of my nails since my nails are quite curved, but it is so EXCITING 😀

  2. Aagghhh I want these!!! I love stamping an haven’t done much lately just because it’s hard for me to do it in the summer w a billion fans and AC going, but I seriously love these. I also love that little case! How cute is that!! I have an essence plate and I noticed that when you run your hand over the plate the images are kinda of rough feeling, are the puren plates like that? My bundle monster plates are smoother, as are my cheeky plates, but the red angel ones I have are tough too. I’m just wondering how these compare as far as that goes. I really like the designs on these and I can’t wait to see all your stamped manis!! Stamping is so fun! 🙂
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    • That little case is adorable!! It may or may not have been a huge influence in my choice of which set to buy 😛
      I had to go and test my plates as well. Some of my Essence plates are smooth but one or two did feel rough. None of my Pueen ones felt rough like that at all. I love the designs one these too and I so badly want the ‘Love Elements’ set as well. I love stamping!!
      Thanks for reading. I am still having major fangirl moments here 😛

  3. Not saying a word! NOT A WORD! …okay, so I’ve said 7 already but who cares! You suck M! So much! *cries*
    Okay, so you don’t really suck. And these are gorgeous! I really have to invest in this set! All the set need is a unicorn and I’ll be the happiest person EVER! Can’t wait to see your manis with them
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    • Hehehehehe!! You won’t be sorry. I am so absolutely in love with this set. I am trying so hard to not just do stamping. Even though it really is all I want to do right now 😛
      UNICORN!!!!! Yes!!!! I need to find a unicorn stamp.

  4. Lesley

    That is a good husband you have there. 😉
    I like the little case for them! It’s compact and keeps them organized.
    I have some Konad plates, but have never really mastered how to stamp (although I haven’t spent a ton of time on it, either). One day!

    • Hahaha I know right, He’s a keeper!! 😉
      The little case is perfect. I am now looking for something similar but bigger to keep all my plates in.
      I love stamping. Definitely worth the time…..one day 😉

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