1. As one would know from my latest blog post, PINK IS MY FAVOURITE COLOUR 🙂 (haha) This colour is beautiful! Wow! It is perfect! I would love to win me a bottle of this pink perfection 🙂 Thanks for such a great giveaway. Loren xxx

  2. Megs H

    Awesome Competition! This has “Megs” written all over it! Hello!? My love of Nail polish AND pink nail polish for that matter? Oh please please please pick me <3 I have Liked the OrdinaryMisfit Facebook Page, following you via Bloglovin and Twitter and tweet about this giveaway!!! Fingers crossed 🙂 xxx

  3. Zurette

    Hallo! I love Zoya, but struggle to find it in SA. Can you tell me where you got it from? And I absolutely LOVE Michelle (the blogger and the polish! LOL) I must get me some If I’m not the lucky winner! Hope you feel better, and have a nice weekend!


  4. Chanelle

    Oooooohhhhh soooo pretty 😀 So very girly & feminine! Could do with this in my collection 😉 Thanks for an awesome giveaway and a little Friday fun Michelle! Hope you feel better! x

  5. Lesley

    “When I met with the Zoya fairies I asked if there was a Zoya – Michelle and the answer was “Yes, and it is pink”.” This makes me so happy for you! :p
    I like that it is pink with the violet blue undertones – it makes it more interesting. Glad it is in your life and that you can have a fun giveaway!
    Friday the 13th is usually a good day for me. I had an OK day, but a close friend of mine did get some bad news, so my heart is sore over that.
    This weekend, I just found out today (because the invite was on Facebook and I’m never on Facebook and I just happened to see one of my friends today and she told me, lol) that I am going to this cocktail reception thing for my friend’s wedding next week, so that’ll be a few hours tomorrow. Then I really need to catch up on bills…womp womp, haha.

  6. It is such an amazing colour that is perfect for summer. I would love to have a nail polish with my name! Been struggling like made to get an order through Zoya. I emailed them my choices and they still haven’t gotten back to me even after I confirmed that I ordered and want feedback 🙁
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  7. This colour is just gorgeous! Nothing better than a beautiful nail polish to brighten the day! Would love to be able to wear this lovely colour in summer! I’m a little jealous your name got the most beautiful colour 😉 nothing can beat that colour!

    Fingers crossed 🙂

    Chelsea x

  8. I don’t have a Michelle in my life at all so yes I need one badly!!:)Love the pink and love Zoya .. Perfect birthday present for a September baby!:)

  9. This is gorgeous !! I agree everyone needs a Michelle in their life. And this is a gorgeous colour. I’m ordering some Zoya next week, just need to make up my mind which ones. lol

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