1. I loooooove the nail art mani with all three of the pixies! Kak kwaai!!!
    My fav on you is definitely the Dahlia! I love it with and without topcoat! It’s like the night sky.

  2. Lesley

    Godiva looks great on you!
    I haven’t tried any Pixies yet, but have only heard good things.
    Glad you got your hands on some! 😉

  3. Sharon

    I like the Dahlia the best, but I have always loved black!! Must admit that the Godiva is pretty sensational too. xx

    • Thank you so much! For me, these are nicer. The glitter is smaller and looks more like ‘pixiedust’ whereas the LS has bigger glitter. Application is a little nicer for me on these because I found the LS to be a bit streaky / patchy BUT I had the mini bottles and they aren’t as nice as the full size bottles so not sure how much of that is because of the minis. Out of the three I have the red and nude/gold are a little more textured – even though it a finer texture – than LS and the black is about the same. I do love both though and I am glad I have both. I think it depends on how you like the ‘glitter’ finish.

      • Great thanks for letting me know! 🙂 I love the Liquid Sand polishes so I’m pretty sure I’ll be totally OBSESSED with these then.

        I am def placing an order for the Godiva one and will have to have a look at other shades I might like. The Godiva reminds me a lot of the OPI Liquid Sand in Honey Ryder (I haven’t managed to get my hands on that one). Is there a website I can go look at all the colours that are available in South Africa? 🙂

        • You’re welcome. I also loved the LS polishes but I love these even more. I’m sure you will too.

          You can go to zoya.com to see all polish colours but at the moment the only pixies available here in SA are these 3 and Nyx, London and Vespa. Which is a grey, light blue and light green.

          If you want to look at swatches of this collection specifically I can highly recommend Scrangie and Polishaholic blogs for nice swatches (or just good old google images 😉 )

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