1. Megs H

    Hi, I am interested in taking part in the polish swop, nut unfortunately I don’t have a blog 🙁 So can I still take part or not?

      • Megs H

        Awesome, Please see below what I have to offer:

        • Essie-702-Mint Candy Apple (R40) – Swatched once and used once
        • Essie-370-Exotic Liras (40) – Swatched once and used once
        • Essie-270-Carnival (R40) – Swatched once and used once
        • Essie-4-Go Green (R40)- Swatched once
        • Essie-693-Perky Purple (R40) – Swatched once and used once
        • Essie-696-Chinchilly (R40) – Swatched once
        • Essie-679-Mesmerize (R40) -Swatched once
        • Catrice-190-Wrapped around my finger (R40) – Never used
        • OPI Nail Lacquer-Zom-Body to Love x2 – (R60 for each)- Never used
        • Nicole by OPI (Mini hit makers set)-The One Less Lonely Girl Collection-(R100)- Never used
        • Bloom-Daisy (Yellow colour) – (R30)- Swatched once
        • Bloom-Audrey(Dark Pink colour) – (R30)- Swatched once
        • Bloom-Jerry (Pink-Nude Shimmer colour) – (R30)- Swatched once
        • Bloom-Maggie (Lilac Shimmer colour) – (R30)- Swatched once
        • Bloom-Elle (Pearl Shimmer colour) – (R30)- Swatched once
        • Bloom-Clara (Fuchsia Colour) – (R30)- Swatched once

        Please let me know if anyone would like any of my nail polishes?!? Thanks, Megs

  2. Heidi

    Hi has someone taken the rainbow polish? The only thing I have to swop is a pink opi. I don’t like the shade of pink

  3. man, you guys are making this really really hard because I like my babies! But I like your reject babies too! And Heathers! And Megans! Aaaaaaagh! The pressure is too much!!!!

  4. Madison

    Hey! Just wondering if the swap is still going on? I know I’m a little late but I stumbled upon this looking for something new 🙂

    • Hi Madison,

      Yes those are still available. I have marked the ones that have been taken. As far as I know the other ladies are also still doing it and For The Love Of Nail Art also has a few up to swap.

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