• Thanks so much Lauren. I absolutely agree with you. I love the colour too. After posting this I actually think it is very close to Sinful Colors – Pandora but I will do a comparison of them and see if I am right.

  1. Lesley

    I like the glitter and stamp combo…they complement each other well. And, they make a cute Halloween mani! 😉
    I can’t believe October is almost over. My mom always said time goes by so quickly the older you get and I have definitely found that to be true. I can’t believe Thanksgiving and the holidays are coming up! >_<

    • Thanks Lesley. I agree. It wasn’t my intention to make anything halloween like but it is quite a good one for halloween huh? 😛

      It’s absolutely crazy! It feels like last week when we were getting ready for Christmas and here we are again. At least you guys have Thanksgiving too.

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