1. Nicola Meyer

    Fantastic Post!! Need to get cuticle oil and will go and investigate the Body Shop products. I have to buy more Dirty Works hand cream as mine just finished 🙁 Need a new scrubbing brush too.

  2. I have looked forward to this post since you said you going to do this post 🙂 Your nails are always in perfect condition and now I see why! No wonder you love experimenting with painting your nails all different ways, because you have such perfect nails to do so! I love the Lush lemony flutter and use it all the time. I’ve just started using Mavala cuticle oil, which is really good 🙂 Thank you for this post Michelle 🙂 XXX
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    • Thank you so much Loren, that really means so much to me. I have heard great things about the Mavala brand (and loved your review) so I am sure you will have great results. Good luck and thank you again!

  3. Fabulous post! Thanks for sharing. I always envy your beautiful nails. I now know how you go about getting them to look so perfect. I use(d) the Tip Top cuticle oil but strangely enough it seemed to dry out the skin around my nails. But wondering if it’s something I’m doing wrong? 🙁

    • Thank you so much Chicara. It really means so much to me. How long did you use it for? I know for the first week or so after starting both the cuticle oil and Lemony Flutter I experienced some dry and flaky skin around my cuticles but it did clear up soon enough. I also got rid of it a lot at the time with scrubbing once a day and using hand lotion often. If you have used it for longer than that and still had it then perhaps it doesn’t agree with your skin? It doesn’t seem like the right answer though. Have you tried any other brand?

  4. I love these type of posts! Always fun to see other peoples routines! I badly want the Body Shop goodies but can’t get myself to pay their prices! Lol And I lost my TT Cuticle oil! WHYYYYYYYYY?? I’m going to go sulk now…Awesome post though M!
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    • Thanks T! I absolutely agree with you about Body Shop prices but I have also learnt that sometimes it is just worth it. Like the hemp balm, it seems to be a bottomless pit. I also bought another products that was R30 cheaper than the one at Body Shop but wasn’t even close to quality. I will admit not all their products are a hit and some are just plain misses so it is hard to know if it is worth it.
      Oh my gosh, how did you lose your cuticle oil? I know you’ve gotten some again but still!! Liquid gold that stuff! 😛

  5. Thank you for this post 🙂

    Thanks to Joan from Tip Top I have also started moisturising, using cuticle oil and a nail brush every single day, preferably more than once but sometimes I forget. I probably have about 5 hand creams between my bag and bedside table 🙂

    • Thanks Lauren.
      Joan is a miracle worker. It’s also so quick and easy to form the habit that after a while you don’t even realise you’re doing half these things. I usually scrub at least twice a day but my OTT ways are a bit much 😉

  6. Lesley

    Say whaaat? Congrats on Wet n Wild! Get Buffy the Violet Slayer…I originally read about it on Scrangie’s blog and it does NOT disappoint.
    Thanks for writing all of this up! I am also pretty fanatical about lotion (and usually cuticle oil) after washing my hands. I don’t have an absolute favorite lotion yet, but I do like Avojuice, and I think Solar Oil is my favorite cuticle oil.
    I haven’t had a chance to try Lemony Flutter, but I should do it! I think they opened a Lush in our mall…I just never go, haha. I do like Body Shop Body Butter, so I should try the hand and nail one, too.
    Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  7. I love Avoplex, I just find it to be a bit too oily sometimes. On the days when I’m not in the mood for oily fingers, I use the Essence Nail & Cuticle Butter Stick.

    I bought Lemony Flutter while we were on holiday because of you. 🙂

    Loved this blog post – so informative! Thank you.

    • Ohhh I actually quite enjoy that Essence cuticle stick as well. I completely forgot to mention it. Yes the avoplex (and TT) is quite oily but knowing how amazing it is for my hands I kinda have to suck it up. I do massage it in as much as I can but then I also use cotton gloves which have been so great.
      Hahaha I am glad to have been an influence. Do you like it? I love it and I am only sad that my OCD is making me go through it so much faster than I would like. It is really great though and I am sure you won’t be sorry. I haven’t had dry, flaky, bad cuticles in a while but Lemony Flutter makes sure they stay that way. Especially when I am using a bunch of remover!

      Thank you so much. x

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