1. Thanks for the swatches! How about a comparison? I’m wondering how Roller Coaster compares to Sinful Colors Rise and Shine. Of course Rise and Shine is a matte, but since we *always* wear top coat I would love a comparison of them with top coat. Pleeeeeeeeaaase? 😀
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  2. fayinthemaze

    I love galactic glam! That’s just stunning. But I honetly cannot pull off blue or green polish. Or orange or yellow. Ok so I’m just weird and fussy. But it is beautiful no doubt!

    • Galactic glam is gorgeous. I know what you mean. I know of many people who just simply can’t (or don’t like to) wear certain colours. Todays post should be more up your alley though 😉

  3. Lesley

    Oh, I have totally done the “obsessively stalking drugstores” thing, visiting different stores in nearby towns, etc. I’ve started just ordering online more and more because I usually read about the products way before they’re released, so I may pay shipping, but it saves gas, time, & frustration!
    Sooo…your hunt paid off BIG TIME! These are so lovely. I think my favorite is Roller Coaster (and now I have that song in my head…WOO HOO HOO HOO!), but I am partial to those shades. I also really like Hello Spring, Beijos de Brazil, and Galactic Glam. Can’t wait to see the rest! 🙂

    • Hahahah Thanks Lesley. I now don’t feel half as bad as I did. I am sure it is ‘normal’ 😉 I so wish we could buy online as well. Hahaha I was gonna mention having the song stuck in my head but didn’t want to give anyone else an ear worm. Guess it just happens 😛
      Thanks so much!

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