1. Renita

    I am SO getting Be my lucky star.I love the textured look (and feel) but most brands are out of my budget range. Was this one R20 as well? I really hope your next post includes the “sugar” polishes I’ve seen online.

    • Lucky star is gorgeous Renita. Yes same price as the other Colour & Go’s although the price has gone up by a rand or two. Indeed the next post has all the ‘effect’ polishes including some of the sugars 😉

  2. Of these I got Splash, Purple Sugar, and Be my lucky star. I also wasn’t sure if Purple Sugar was really pink or purple and sat there comparing it to different pinks and purples but it did eventually end in my purple drawer too! AND now I know I have to go pick up Once Upon a Time! I glanced over it but it looks awesome and I don’t have a single colour like that, I need it! 🙂
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  3. Lesley

    Splash and Purple Sugar are my favorite of this bunch, but that textured silver is neat, too!

    • Purple sugar is really gorgeous and Be my lucky star is so gorgeous you will fall in love with it. I am actually putting those two together in a post soon 😉
      Thanks for reading.

  4. tina-nails

    I saw this post yesterday and immediately thought: I have to buy A hint of love. So i did, and just by looking at it, I know it’s going to be gorgeous! 🙂
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  5. a hint of love reminds me of me and my lover also by Essence. Would you say that it’s the same, but just without the sand effect?

    • Wow I didn’t even think of that. As far as red polish with gold glitter yes they’re the same. I do think they are different shades of red and the glitter is bigger here than in me & my lover but I will definitely so a comparison. I might be completely wrong. Oh and both are textured without topcoat. Thanks you!

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