• Thank you so much! I might be a bit obsessed with it myself. I am not sure actually. When I got it I did a lot of googling and only found it on one or two French (I think) blogs. Hardly any info about it. I am just SO glad to have it. If it helps it is number 1009. 🙂

      • thank you….I will keep an eye out for it. I just did a google search to see if it I could buy on eBay or anything but I don’t see it. If you find another bottle there I will happy to do a swap with you for a color here you may be looking for! 🙂

        • Hi Hayley,
          When I was in the store last there were quite a few bottles. When I pop back there again I will definitely grab you a bottle if they still have left. Is there anything else you are looking for but can’t find?

  1. Are you serious?! I will be so grateful!! I love pastels…I was looking for Verbena and Seaweed but those were from a collection here 2 years back. I don’t know what other shades they carry internationally besides Lagon. It’s just gorgeous! You can emal me at the gmail address I entered. And please let me know what Sinful shade I can send to you in return!
    Hayley recently posted…Essie Mint Candy Apple…Take Two!My Profile

    • Hehehe no promises but if I find it I will definitely let you know. I’ll look out for verbena as I picked mine up in the last month or two.
      We seem to be getting everything just a bit behind. We have just gotten the kiss & tell collection in.
      I’ll keep you updated and will mail you if and when I find it. xx

  2. I am looking at your collection and I see a few we have here you may not have. Cinderella, Mad About Hue, and Pink Poppys, Open Seas etc… so if there is one you’re looking for I’ll be happy to send it along regardless if you find any! 🙂
    Hayley recently posted…Essie Mint Candy Apple…Take Two!My Profile

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