1. I’ve never seen any of those movies… which is probably a good thing as I’m a sucker for all the scare effects they put in so I would watch at least 75% from behind my hands, a pillow or the shoulder of whoever is sitting next to me 😉

    Your nails look pretty though, absolutely love that black base (I think I said that about another Dollish polish recently 😉 ) and it totally works with the hypnotizing spiral… falling… falling…

    • I loved the movies (the earlier ones are definitely better) but it is extremely gory. It’s like I can feel the pain when people have to cut their own arms off etc. It’s not so much scary as gross and it’s suspenseful. I would definitely give it a watch! 😉

      Thanks so much, I must say these dollish polishes have really made the perfect partners lately. I am such a sucker for a beautiful Dollish!

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