1. Tracy

    I really like these!! It’s such a unique look. I like the purples with the pinks. They are pretty. Although I am always a sucker for pinks and purples so that may have something to do with me liking this mani.

  2. please can you come do mine if I ever decide to sign up for this amdness again. I hate GRADIENTS!!!!

    And you can obviously tell by my shoddy addition. we will never speak of this again.

    p.s. yours rocks.
    p.p.s. im jealous
    p.p.p.s very jealous

    • I did actually see your gradient and your gradients are always on fire! I think maybe you just need more practice ;). Let’s do a gradient party? Thank you by the way xx

  3. Love the pinks, love the purples, the gradient is flawless, the dots… ehm… I think I would have changed that to a purple gradient, also dark at the tips (but I have to admit I don’t have a clue what that would have looked like so maybe it would be removed immediately and replaced with dots 😉 )

    • You know, I have a feeling that that would’ve looked AMAZING! I wish you were in my brain so that you could give me these words of wisdom when I come up with these ideas! I think I might have to try it now.

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