1. Tracy

    I really like these!! It’s such a unique look. I like the purples with the pinks. They are pretty. Although I am always a sucker for pinks and purples so that may have something to do with me liking this mani.

  2. please can you come do mine if I ever decide to sign up for this amdness again. I hate GRADIENTS!!!!

    And you can obviously tell by my shoddy addition. we will never speak of this again.

    p.s. yours rocks.
    p.p.s. im jealous
    p.p.p.s very jealous

  3. Love the pinks, love the purples, the gradient is flawless, the dots… ehm… I think I would have changed that to a purple gradient, also dark at the tips (but I have to admit I don’t have a clue what that would have looked like so maybe it would be removed immediately and replaced with dots 😉 )

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